Thursday, June 2, 2011

>>>GLAM ROCK<<< (The name of my Major Assessment has been changed from Krazicyle Fashion Shoot to: GLAM ROCK)

Below are some images i have found and liked and i wanted to go along with these types of images,
as you see these images below are all made out of recyclable materials, from Garbage bags, News papers etc
to create something different and new all in my own way and style.

and how her hair been created, as well as with the garbage 
bags they look cool how they are blown up, and so it came to mind of creating a big blown up dress made out of different sizes and shapes of bags blown up. 

My Major Project is called Glam Rock
Glam Rock is a style of fashion manufacture, which is highly suitable for the fashion market in Australia as well as around the world, Glam Rock employs reusable and recyclable materials which can be retrieved from used clothes. Glam Rock often uses fabrics which may be sustainable at times, Glam Rock has an interesting history, which is inspirational, and finally Glam Rock is extremely well-received and popular for the young market.

Glam rock is a style of rock and pop music that was developed in the UK in the 1970s, which singers and musicians would wear outrageous clothing, as well as makeup and hairstyles. The extravagant costumes and visual styles of the performers were often of male and female traits, and that they have been connected with new views of gender roles. The Glam rock styles reached its highest point in mid 1970’s with artists including T. Rex, David Bowie, Roxy Music and Gary Glitter in the UK and New York Dolls, Lou Reed and Jobriath in the US and now in the 21st century just to name a hand full of artist like: Lady GaGa, Kesha, Rihanna, Adam Lambert and the list goes on.

The studded accessories and clothing, black and leather pants all are some of the Glam Rock styles which I will be including in my major. The Glam Rock trend managed to recruit millions of people around the world of admirers and promoters due to its ability to mirror what this music and rocker subculture is about with a touch of femininity and refinement. From the basic outfit pieces to the smallest details all should be taken into account and selected with great care in order to create an authentic and chic look. These are some of the wardrobe staples that should occupy a front row position among your clothes and apparel props.

Recycling and sustainable materials is a key component in my Major, Recycling is processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution and water pollution by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal,
The Recyclable materials that I will be including in my assessment are many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics as well as newspapers, containers and bottles, even garbage bags and glass and mirrors, which all shirts, shorts, skirts, long and shorts dresses, jackets and pants etc will all be made out of.

So in saying this my major project is going to be a collection of 5 to 10 Main editorial fashion photographs based on the theme of Glam Rock and recyclable materials and it is going to presented in a gallery style format for anyone to see, and with each photograph printed and presented professionally framed, and the photographs will range from black and white to color.
I will be selecting some main photographs were they will be supported with 2 or 3 images, example with one photographed selected I will be choosing 2 or 3 images and they will be framed and hung beside the main photograph to help it tie in and to give that photograph a bigger body and like more atmosphere to that photograph.

So ill be shooting males and females models posing together and not together in each photograph taken, in each photograph I want to achieve different types of styles from setting up different type of set builds for each photograph, from taking photos in alley ways, beside the rivers, inside forests, and even on the beach, Every scene in each 5 to 10 photographs will be different example I want all the images to tie in together but at the same time have a unique feeling to each photograph, by having a strong sense of feeling portrayed, from using not only 1 male model and 1 female model, I want to use a couple different models, and as well as from how the models are posing in different positions and there facial expressions, one example I have in mind for a photograph is having a pretty looking female posing with a male model, both in the forest and the male model either laying down on the floor or leaning against a tree and the female model standing in front of him or if he is laying on the floor having her standing on top of him and the female looking sexy provocative and looking like she is in charge of him.
To help tie all 5 to 10 photographs together I want to have all models wear wigs both male and females, and the wigs will be stylized and cut funky and having a edgy look to it, similar to the artist Lady GaGa’s hairstyle and fashion sense same with the clothing as well.
The bleached blonde artist is also known for her unique fashion sense. Lady Gaga's fashion style can be easily recognized because of her stage outfits and original hairstyles. She is most of the time seen wearing long straight hair with quirky-cool accessories, like a hair bow and fashion hats.
(Refer to appendix: 7 and 8)

Her outfits are very feminine and original. She can be seen wearing an entire outfit meat out of dried preserved meat, Her trademark leotard and unusual dresses that show off her legs and figure.  She is rarely seen wearing pants, so she is exploiting her femininity to the max.
Lady Gaga is mostly seen wearing Latex leggings and the famous leotard.
She has them in a lot of colors and is wearing them with high heels only because they accentuate her figure, defining and revealing her beautifully shaped legs.

You got to love Lady Gaga's fashion style because of its originality her platinum blonde locks, funky sunglasses and outfits, she is surely not copying anybody, and she looks fierce wearing even the craziest outfits.

When I was walking through the shopping centres and hair dressers I would always see the new GHD advertisement featuring the Artist Katy Perry, and every time I would see this advertisement I would say in my mind it looks very luxurious and would have been expensive to for the advertisement to have been shoot in the props that have been used etc. It wasn’t until I was at the newsagent and i have brought this Fashion Magazine called Culture for my research for my major and I was at home and I was looking through the magazine and not until I got to the back of the cover and there it was the new GHD advertisement featuring Katy Perry and I had a better look at the photograph and I have noticed that the material Katy Perry is laying on and the backdrop in the photo-shoot is plastic sheets.
my point is that this is the example of what I want to create within my Major Assessment, example if my images make a magazine or any type of advertisement or even when I will be presenting my Major I want to create a similar fill to my work in the way of how I had seen the GHD advertisement many times and I didn’t realize until I had a really closer look at the photograph analysing the advertisement and discovered different things every time I looked at the picture,

From this time and until presentation in the time frame of 5 months for my Major Assessment I will be organizing and looking for makeup artists and hair stylist and researching to see if they are any good,
I have brought wigs of ebay and they will be arriving in 2 weeks for the models and for each scene,
I need to draw up and design each outfit for each of the shoot which I will be doing on my own and with the designer and to see if any clothing maker would make the clothing that im after,
I will be going out to different locations and doing test shoots to make sure before the actual days ill be shooting on and to research to make sure the weather is right for shooting day,
I need to do research and look for the right models and considering the models I have used in the past,
as well as looking for the right studios and right locations and making sure I have permission to work on location and have the permits etc.
if I need to buy or hire props and sets and even if I choose to use sets and props I might be considering making them.
Then the next step is organizing days to shoot the different scenes and to schedule what should be shot first to last the shoot.
Throughout the time of shooting I will be editing In between of the photoshoots, but once I have finished shooting all my shoots I need to finish up editing and start printing and start of the presentation of my major assessment, then present my work. Which I have planned to get done late October and early novemeber.
I haven’t really set a bugget up of my head I would say proberly anywhere between $3000 to $7000 which will include my entire major assessment from start of the planning all the way to presentation day
I want to create photos that I will like, so How will I know if I am successful in my major, well of course I will be doing my best and the most important thing is that if im really happy with my work then its successful to me, the other thing is that I want people to like my work when they see it from when its up and presented and if it makes any magazine or advertisment hopfully people will just like it……